Why Choose Farrucas Duo?

The choice of music plays a big role when planning an event. Farrucas is always committed to helping their clients celebrate life’s biggest moments, with a variety of Latin flavoured rhythms performed live in each event; such rhythms are Rumba Flamenco, Salsa Fusion, Cumbia Fusion, Bolero, Cuban Son, traditional Ecuadorian rhythms, Ballads, Spanish and English Pop, and more…


Where Do We Offer Our Services?

Farrucas Duo performs in various cities across the province of Ontario, in over 300 shows per year.

We offer our services in various types of events, including:     

  • Private functions
  • Corporate functions
  • Restaurants
  • Festivals
  • Specialty Shows (Wine Shows, Trade Shows, Car Shows, Home Shows, etc.)

How Far Can We Go?

Farrucas is a Torontonian Latin Duo, with the flexibility of travelling a standard distance radius of up to 1.5 hours (coinciding with our standard performance rates). 

Who Plays What?

Farrucas is the #1 Latin Duo in Toronto when referring to the diversity of instruments used in our shows, between only two musicians! Backtracks are not our specialty! We enjoy putting on a good performance with real live sound coming from the instruments we play and the voices we use! These are some of the main instruments used in our private and public performances:

Jorge Cuamacás
Vocal, Andean Flutes, Latin Percussion, Spanish Guitar, Charango (traditional Andean stringed instrument)

Laura Spada
Vocal, Spanish Guitar, Drum Loop Control

Any Amplified Equipment Used?

… Yes! In fact, top-of-the-line equipment and sound gear is one of the fundamental features Farrucas Duo provides. Good sound quality in a live show; no matter what the occasion, always makes a huge difference!


Our Rates…


We cater to almost any event!  For more information, please contact us.


For more information, please contact us.


3 Hour Show ($300 – $400, + HST) (price can vary due to logistics and travel distance).
For more information, please contact us.

*Monday – Friday, prices are flexible. For more information, please contact us.

For further information or bookings, please contact us.